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Hot planet seeks CoolMoms!
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Washington State is So Over Coal!

April ended with a huge monumental success. Bill 5769 was signed into law and made TransAlta's coal fired power plant in Centralia, WA the last in WA State!

Earth Day Celebrations

By Lexy R.

Many of us celebrate Earth Day every day. Share your stories on how you celebrate Earth Day on this day and the other 364 days out of the year by posting a comment here.

From Old to New: Conventional Toilet to Dual-Flush

By Audrey Querns

Make that toilet stop using up all that water. Convert your conventional toilet to a dual-flush toilet! It's easy, it's not expensive, and it saves you money!

Community Gardening is Sustainable Gardening

By Jaeney Hoene

It’s April, and CoolMoms is naturally thinking of food. Aren’t we all? Even in an area like Seattle that has a bounty of good, local, seasonal food, February and March can feel pretty bleak. Well, April’s still not that great, but it has the decided advantage of nurturing our imaginations as we prepare garden beds, start seeds, and put our first starts in the ground.