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From Old to New: Summer Party Edition!

By Audrey Querns

Did you fill your water guns with paint and make your summer party table cloth? see previous Old to New post. Now that you’ve got the linens taken care of, here is a list of other ideas for reusing old things at your next summertime party!

Be Cool Don't Idle at Our School

This spring CoolMom brought our No-Idling campaign to Greenwood Elementary School in Seattle. With the help from the children and some mighty Moms, the school created an Idle Free Zone and reduced the amount of idling minutes by more than 88%!

You GaveBIG to CoolMom!

Thank you to all that GaveBIG on June 23rd through the Seattle Foundation GiveBIG program. CoolMom received $1170 from you!

Living Outside the Car

By Jaeney Hoene

Happy May, CoolMoms! Since it’s Think-Outside-the-Car month, I’ve been doing just that. Read along and ponder this question: What cultural fixtures would have to be moved, adjusted, or rebuilt to put us back on our feet and reconnect us with so much of what we miss as we wiz along the roadways?