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Hot planet seeks CoolMoms!
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Think Outside the Car-needs YOU!

Think Outside the Car is calling on individuals, business owners, and schools to be a part of this exciting project. Help achieve its goals of improved air quality, energy and money savings for families, and reduced carbon emissions.

From old to new: Halloween Edition

By Audrey Querns

I was mildly perturbed this year when my kids started talking about Halloween just a few days after the start of school.  I feared that they were being manipulated by the stores that were already filled with seductive displays of Halloween wares including costumes, decorations, and of course, mountains of candy.  The holiday is a month away, and my kids are already pestering me with all that they want me to buy them!  It’s enough to turn any mom...

Walk to School Day

By Lexy Relph

On October 5th Daniel Bagley Elementary School celebrated International Walk to School Day by using those two feet for walking!

8th Eat Local Now! Oct. 24th

By kate

As a CoolMom member, enthusiast, or partner, you likely share our passion for local food and creating a sustainable future for all. I want to personally invite you to the 8th Annual Eat Local Now! celebration of local food with our theme of “Choose Good Food.”

As economic concerns overtake our national conversation, it’s time to kick back, share a great meal, and talk about growing a resilient local food economy here in Washington...