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Hot planet seeks CoolMoms!
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CoolMom Hearts Sound Transit 3


King County’s CoolMoms support Sound Transit 3 and here's why...

Help Us Write to 124 of WA Most Polluting Industries

Do you know a young person who would like to be involved in a letter writing campaign? Help us write to 124 most polluting industries in Washington, asking if they will work with youth from Plant for the Planet to voluntarily reduce their emissions in line with what climate science demands.

Stepping Lightly on Summer's Last Outdoor Hurrah

It's time for that one last great adventure outdoors before the kids go back to school. Problem is, everyone else feels the same...

You Have the Power to Create Change this Election Day

By Roberta Riley

2016 is on track to set new temperature records as a record-breaking wildfire season rages down our coast. It's pretty clear global warming is taking its toll. So how are you going to you use your vote on November 8 to #ActOnClimate?