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The Many Faces of Climate Justice

By Cheri Cornell

Climate change affects us all, but sometimes in different ways.

Pledge for Parity: Elevating Women to Act on Climate

By Cheri Cornell

Women may be the most important resource in our efforts to fight climate change. We are worried about what we are doing to our children now and for generations to come.... and we have more power than you think.

Tell Governor Inslee to Act On Climate with America's Clean Power Plan!

Don't let big polluters halt the Supreme Court's implementation of clean, reliable and affordable energy in the 21st century. Tell Governor Inslee to #ActOnClimate by staying the course on drafting a State Implementation Plan for America's Clean Power Plan.

Paring Down Paris: What's It Mean for Families?

By Roberta Riley

A CoolMom Activist and Climate Adventures blogger reflects on #COP21.