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Hot planet seeks CoolMoms!
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Get Involved

Moms are uniting to address the most important issue of our time: global warming. Act Now for our children's futures and Join us in taking action on climate change. There are many ways to get involved!


Coolmom engages moms, dads and families to take action on climate change. Our actions can make a big difference for our children's futures and the health of the planet. Join CoolMom in helping each other live more sustainable lives. There are many ways to be a CoolMom member. Try these on for size:

Join a Group
Start a Group
Take Action & Tips
Top 10 Things Families Can Do

Individual Donations
In-kind Donations
Corporate Sponsorships



In-Kind Donations

Your in-kind donation will immediately be put to use.

Our Wish List:
  • Printed business cards, pins and other promotional materials
  • Bus Passes or bus tickets
  • Silent Auction Items, valued $50 and up
  • Computer Projector
  • Tickets to events or conferences and giftcards for our amazing volunteers!!!

Please let us know if you have these items to donate or would like to purchase them for us at

Wishes Granted :)

  • Start up funds and trip for two to Antarctica- BIG Thank you Expedition Trips' Owners Kristy Royce and Ashton Palmer, we couldn't have gotten started without you!!
  • Computer- Thank you to CoolMom member Jennifer Keeler!
  • Coolmom T-shirts- Thank you Ship-to-Shore Traveler's Owner Lorraine Betts!
  • Camp Long Cabins- Thank you Camp Long Council
  • 350 Seattle Center photo- Thank you Jay Dotson Photography!
  • T-shirts- Thank you Absolute Recognition!
  • Labor and materials for Community Garden & their generous donation - Thank you Mighty House Construction!
  • Planting map and labor- Thank you Urban Land Army
  • Plants and Seeds- Thank you Cascadian Edible Landscapes!
  • Top Soil and Compost Mix - Thank you Cedar Grove!
  • Reusable bags -Thank you PCC Markets
  • Cucina Fresca Coupons- Thank you Cucina Fresca!
  • King County Water Taxi Tickets - Thank you Hank!
  • CoolMom Business Cards, Fundraiser Invites, and stickers - Thank you Alpha Graphics!
  • Donated used Toys- Thank you to the many families of West Seattle, Green Lake, Ballard and beyond for donating to our yearly Toy Swap 'n' Sale
  • Donated Auction Items- Thank you Vino Verite, Fresh Bistro, Jenny Pell, Cucina Fresca, Mighty House Construction, Jim O'Donnell, Garden Cycle, Colleen Cooke, West Seattle Blog, Jemae Hoffman, Claire Barboza, North West Art and Frame, Deborah Kapoor, Kristy Royce, Evergreen Escapes, Doe Bay, Arts West, Cedar Grove, ReUsies, Kimberly Christensen, Coffee to a Tea-Sugar Rush Baking Company, Doe Bay, Sweet Beauty, Twilight Exit, Seattle Symphony, EMP, C&P Coffee, Head to Toe Day Spa, The Yoga Studio in Magnolia, and THINKNOW

Corporate Sponsorship

Sydney wearing CoolMom t-shirt

The financial support we receive helps us defray costs and add value to our community. Sponsorship funds are used to cover outreach, equipment, and administrative costs.  Sponsorships are also effective means for companies to deepen their relationships with CoolMom and the community it serves, and with other sponsors.

Sponsorships are available for CoolMom programs or for the organization itself. Corporate sponsorships begin at $500 and may include logo placement on our webpage, brochures, and other materials and benefits.

Please contact for more information or call 206-280-2828.

Is doing good, good for a business?

A study has documented that charitable contributions enhance the future revenue growth of business donors. In particular, it has been shown that businesses that donate to charities earn back $6 in sales for every $1 they contribute to good causes.  As a business owner, please consider a quarterly donation based on a percent of your profit.

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