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Hot planet seeks CoolMoms!
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We're Growing Our Leadership

Are you looking for an opportunity to stand united with strong women leaders who are passionate about creating a healthy climate for all our children? Here's your chance. CoolMom is expanding our Board of Directors!

CoolMom is looking for new members and skills to add to our board. Take a look at our wish list below of skills needed and consider offering up your talents to a lively women’s climate change movement! If you think you could be a great match for CoolMom, please contact Cheri Cornell.

CoolMom Basics

  • Mission: The mission of CoolMom is to unite moms and families to protect our climate through informed lifestyle choices and advocacy.

  • Vision: Our vision is a healthy planet for kids and families.

  • Who we serve: CoolMom is the only Washington state nonprofit with the goal of creating a moms’/women’s climate movement. CoolMom’s membership is concentrated in the Puget Sound area, but we are spreading across Washington. We have approximately 1000 members.

  • Strategy: Our strategy is to use on the ground events and social media to engage moms and women throughout Washington State to insist on good climate policy at every level of government.

  • Our website: Check out what we've been up to! Note: Building a new website is one of our exciting near-term priorities.

What’s In It for You?

Make an impact. As a CoolMom board member, your life will be enriched when you learn to use your skills and experiences to serve CoolMom’s mission. CoolMom’s mission to unite women and families to protect our climate means that you will be involved in one of the most important intergenerational equity efforts today. The urgency of climate action will bring you into a movement that is at the forefront of the public’s attention.

Have Fun. CoolMom understands that your free time is in short supply. As such, we want board meetings and events to serve everyone’s need for laughter and friendship.

Broaden your connections and build valuable networks. Nonprofit boards tend to attract accomplished, interesting people. By working on issues that you care about and earning a good reputation in the process, you’ll build valuable relationships with fellow board members and CoolMom’s donors. Serving on a board welcomes you to a myriad of people seasoned in the nonprofit sector, and the climate action and environmental communities. This makes you an eye-catching candidate to other groups seeking members with useful networks.

Round out your resume. While everyone is busy vying for the top employment and leadership positions, you can stand out from the crowd of hopefuls by proving yourself first on a nonprofit board. Many companies and community programs look for boardroom experience when recruiting and hiring. Serving on a nonprofit board lets you prove yourself as a leader while helping the board strategize. The experience and boardroom credibility you gain make a great stepping stone to serving in a variety of positions.

Gain expertise on complex issues that are integral to business and the economy. CoolMom board members gain expertise on trending climate and environmental issues. CoolMom board members also become well-versed in social equity and nonprofit development. Such expertise proves valuable to numerous nonprofits and sharpens your business acumen, helping to improve the boards you already serve and solidifying your reputation as a valuable leader.

Things We Need from All Board Candidates

All board candidates should possess:

  1. An interest in meaningful climate action and CoolMom’s mission and strategies

  2. Ability to attend monthly meetings (currently the second Friday of the month at noon)

  3. Ability to provide an average of 5 to 10 hours volunteer time/month outside of monthly meetings

  4. A commitment to supporting CoolMom with a personally meaningful annual financial donation

  5. A commitment to asking for financial support for CoolMom from a variety of sources, including the board member’s own contacts

  6. A commitment to respond to staff/leadership requests in a timely fashion

  7. A desire to learn about and support nonprofit operations

Note: All genders/gender identities are welcome. You don’t even need to have children of your own as long as you care about providing a healthy climate for all children.

Specific Talents We Seek

CoolMom seeks several skill sets (but not every board candidate need possess every skill):

  1. Accounting/bookkeeping/budgeting

  2. Strategic planning/for-profit business management

  3. Communications/marketing

    1. Website design & management

    2. Communications plan development

    3. Social media

  4. Database management

  5. Field organizing/event planning

  6. Fundraising/development

Please Help Us Spread the Word!

Know anyone looking to build on their leadership experience, who is passionate about leaving the next generation with a healthy planet? Help us spread the word by passing this opportunity onto all your social and professional networks.

CoolMom is Playing In the Capitol for Our Kids' Climate Future

CoolMom is proud to support #PlayIn4Climate July 13, hosted by our friends @MomsCleanAirForce!

CoolMom is in Washington, D.C. for your kids! On July 13, 2016, parents and kids from across the country will rally at Upper Senate Park in Washington, D.C. to support our friends at Moms Clean Air Force and to Play-In for Climate Action.

This family-friendly event is about our air, and the pollution in it that causes dangerous climate change. We aim to showcase exactly what’s at stake as temperatures and sea levels rise: OUR KIDS!

Moms know that kids can’t sit still, so instead of a traditional sit-in we're playing in the capitol! We'll participate in fun activities for kids, and have a press conference to amplify our message that families across the country say: It’s time to get serious about climate change!

WHEN: Wednesday, July 13, 2016, 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
WHERE: Upper Senate Park, 200 New Jersey Ave, Washington, DC 20001
WHO: Parents and children from across the region
WHAT: “Play-In” featuring kids’ activities and a press conference

Join us if you can... all are welcome!

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Help Us Drink More Beer for Less Oil!

Join City Councilmember Mike O'Brien and Sierra Club on July 12 to help #StopOilTrains coming through Seattle.

Despite more than a dozen major oil train disasters in the past few years, Big Oil continues to push to build new infrastructure to extract, transport and refine crude oil.

Right now, Shell Oil wants to add an oil-by-rail facility, bringing six more oil trains per week and 60,000 barrels per day through Seattle!

Help us gear up this summer to fight back!

Join Sierra Club and special guest City Councilmember Mike O'Brien at Peddler Brewing Company (1514 NW Leary Way, Seattle, WA 98107) on July 12 to help #StopOilTrains from coming through our Emerald City! The event runs 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and appetizers will be provided.

Click here to get more #StopOilTrains actions going on around the state and in your community.

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Will You Demand a Science-Based Clean Air Rule for Our Kids' Sake?

Help CoolMom fill the July 12 Spokane and July 14 Olympia Clean Air Rule hearings with the voices of moms, dads and children who demand clean air and robust climate action.

The Washington State Department of Ecology recently released an updated draft of its Clean Air Rule, requiring reductions in carbon pollution from Washington's largest polluters. While a step in the right direction, the proposed rule does not go nearly far enough in reducing the carbon pollution that threatens our climate and our families.

Ecology is now accepting public comments on their updated draft and will be hosting two in-person hearings on July 12 in Spokane and July 14 in Olympia. We need your help to ensure these hearings are filled with the voices of the moms, dads and children who support clean air and robust climate action.

The Clean Air Rule is an opportunity for Washington to hold its largest polluters accountable for their emissions. Ecology needs to know Washington families can't wait any longer for clean air. We need Ecology to set limits on greenhouse gasses based on the best available science.

If you are willing to speak for three to four minutes at either the July 12 Spokane or July 14 Olympia hearings, please contact us here. We will ensure you are on the speaking schedule for the hearings, provide you background materials, and even help you prepare your comments if you like.

We can assure you the fossil fuel industry will be at these hearings in full force and but they won't be thinking about the health and well-being of our kids. With your help, we can make a difference in our children’s climate future.

If you can't to attend a hearing you can still add your voice on a need for a strong science-based Clean Air Rule in Washington. Submit your comments here by July 22.

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Happy CoolDad Day!

CoolMom wishes all the CoolDads out there love, love, love, love, love, love... the greenest gift of all.

On this awesome day of celebrating Dad, there's no greener gift than a big hug and a kiss and a thank you for being such a CoolDad!