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Hot planet seeks CoolMoms!
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CoolMom Hearts Sound Transit 3

King County’s CoolMoms support Sound Transit 3 and here's why...

Sound Transit 3 is a climate solution that works for everyone, reducing our state’s biggest source of pollution: transportation. It will also reduce some of the worst toxic emissions that cause asthma, lung disease, and pollutants linked to cancer.

Sound Transit 3 also works to build affordable housing directly linked to new transit centers, to ensure that transportation solutions are equitable and accessible to everyone, no matter where you live, what you do, or where you travel.

That's why CoolMoms in King County are supporting Sound Transit 3!

What about you?




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Help Us Write to 124 of WA Most Polluting Industries

Do you know a young person who would like to be involved in a letter writing campaign? Help us write to 124 most polluting industries in Washington, asking if they will work with youth from Plant for the Planet to voluntarily reduce their emissions in line with what climate science demands.

Following last month's climate fast, we are continuing to press for a Clean Air Rule based on current climate science--one that truly protects our children's constitutional right to clean air and a stable climate.

On September 6, CoolMom will be partnering with 350Seattle, Our Children's Trust, Plant for the Planet, WA Physicians for Social Responsibility, First United Methodist Church, and others in a press conference unveiling legislation that will update Washington state's weak carbon reduction targets. The press conference will also spotlight mailing letters written by youth to 124 most polluting industries in Washington, asking if they will work with the young people from Plant for the Planet to voluntarily reduce their emissions in line with what climate science demands.

THE GOAL: To have ALL 124 letters written by Washington children.

WE NEED YOUR HELP: Do you have a young person in your life -- a child, grandchild, niece, nephew or neighbor -- who would like to be involved in this letter writing campaign? If so please contact Alec [alecconnon (at)] to get a template and a name of the CEO you can write to.

For more background on the September 6 press conference visit and please share the Facebook event.

What: Clean Air Rule Press Conference
When: September 6, 11:15 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Where: First Church, 180 Denny Way, Seattle, WA, 98109

You Have the Power to Create Change this Election Day

2016 is on track to set new temperature records as a record-breaking wildfire season rages down our coast. It's pretty clear global warming is taking its toll. So how are you going to you use your vote on November 8 to #ActOnClimate?

As this year's record-breaking wildfire season ravages the American West, this Wenatchee family struggles to breathe.

But their call to action rings true, no matter where you live. With climate change increasing the severity of forest fires, Niv and his folks urge all of us to learn more about the candidates who are running for office to represent us.

November 8 is Election Day.

Voters will have a clear choice between candidates who will take decisive action to address climate change and candidates who will not.


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Here's to Our Voting She-Power!

Help us celebrate Women's Equality Day, 96 years of our right to vote, and using that vote to create change.

This Women's Equality Day we honor our sisters in history, who relentlessly kicked butt to ensure our right to vote, with reflection and action.

CoolMom Peggy Abby, age 70, shares why our right to vote..

I vote because I can, or shall I say because "I may vote “, as in, its "my privilege!" Peggy Abby says,

I was 7-years-old visiting my favorite Aunt and Uncle in western Pennsylvania, a bunch of my relative’s local friends were gathered watching the Republican Convention in 1952 to nominate General Eisenhower as their nominee for that year’s election.

I saw the signs saying "I Like Ike" !  And I saw his picture and heard him speak on their borrowed small screen black and white, fuzzy at times, TV! I happily repeated those words and was surprisingly reprimanded. My patient, sweet and ever astute Uncle, told me that they were all rooting for Mr Stevenson, because he was a really smart man and a good Democrat. He explained Democrats were the party of the people and he and his mostly first generation Italian friends all wanted that party to win to protect everyone”s rights and privileges. I was a bit young, but I understood working for everyone.

My own parents who were long time small business owners, were for the Republicans. But I was hooked on the idea of "working for everyone". Regardless of parties, I believe in everyone having our important privilege to vote and to protect that privilege!

Voting is the best way I know to include everyone! I have been involved in the political process all my life as a result of that 1952 experience!

CoolMom Anne Miller talks about why voting translates to action, especially in today's climate.

"The one way to be absolutely sure that your voice won’t count," Anne says, "is if you don’t vote." Read more on why she uses her vote for #ClimateAction here.

This Women's Equality Day will you pledge to honor our voting history and be a voice for our children's future?

Consider this when making your choice to vote and what to vote for...

  • Women make 80 percent of consumer choices, many of which involve the opportunity to choose low- or zero-carbon alternatives.

  • Women vote in greater numbers than men.

  • Women are more likely than men (by at least 10 percentage points) to believe that climate change is real and that strong climate policy can make a positive difference—regardless of party.

  • Eighty percent of women will become mothers by the time they are age 40. As mothers, women view climate action as a moral imperative and an issue of intergenerational equity.


This November, voters will have a clear choice between candidates who will take decisive action to address #ClimateChange and candidates who will not. Use your voting voice to #ActOnClimate for this generation and those to come.


When's the Last Time You Saw a Totem Pole Roll Up to a Cathedral Lawn?

The Lummi Nation Totem Pole Journey on August 25 is open to all, builds connections, and deepens solidarity in communities pushing back against fossil fuel export. Know nothing about coal export or this special Lummi tradition? Here's a stunning opportunity to learn about both!

Now in its fourth year, the Lummi Nation Totem Pole Journey builds connections and deepens solidarity between the tribes and communities pushing back against the recent flood of fossil fuel export projects throughout the region.  

The Lummi Nation House of Tears Carvers will showcase their latest totem pole in Seattle onThursday, August 25, where we'll join them to celebrate the victory against coal exports at Xwe'chi'eXen (Cherry Point). 

Join us August 25th to celebrate the victory against coal exports at Xwe'chi'eXen (Cherry Point) and bless the continued efforts of tribes, people of faith, civic leaders and activists fighting for equitable climate action!

WHO: Lummi Nation House of Tears Carvers and YOU!
WHAT: Lummi Nation Totem Pole Journey
WHEN: Thursday, August 25 from 3:00 to 7:30 p.m. (Blessing and smudging from 3-4, Ceremony from 4-6, Celebration with music, drumming and food trucks from 6-7:30 pm)

WHERE: St. Mark's Cathedral, 10th Avenue East, Seattle, WA (MAP
Background on the 2016 Totem Pole Journey: Q’al

Please spread the word on Facebook.

The word Q’al means “The Belief” in the Lummi language. Now in its fourth year, the journey will unite tribes and communities all along the 4,865-mile, 18 day voyage. The Belief helped defeat the Cherry Point coal proposal in Bellingham. The Belief can fuel our fights against the Longview coal terminal and other fossil fuel projects. 

About the 2016 Totem Pole

The 22-foot western red cedar totem pole will be carved and donated by Master Carver Jewell James of the Lummi Tribe and the House of Tears Carvers. The final destination will be Winnipeg, Manitoba, at the request of the Grand Chief in Winnipeg, to bear witness to the need for all peoples to work together in the name of our common humanity and our covenant with Mother Earth.  The totem pole will have a bald eagle with wings spread on top with a Medicine Wheel on its chest. Below it will be a buffalo skull and, below that, a wolf on one side of the pole and a coyote on the other. Below them will be an Indian Chief with a War Bonnet facing a Medicine Man and sharing a Peace Pipe with smoke rising from the pipe.