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Hot planet seeks CoolMoms!
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Shop at Roosevelt Whole Foods on 4/10, 5% Goes to CoolMom!

Get your shopping done, and build support for CoolMom at the same time! The Roosevelt Whole Foods Market will donate 5% of their proceeds from Wednesday 4/10 to CoolMom.


Calling all CoolMoms!
The Whole Foods Market in Roosevelt loves CoolMom and supports our work!
They have a program where they donate 5% of the proceeds of the store for a day to a non-profit of their choice.  They have decided that Wednesday, April 10th, will be the day for CoolMom!!  It is short notice but this is a great way for us to reach a new neighborhood of families making good choices for the environment.
There are 2 easy ways for you to help:
1. Can you spare an hour or two to "table" at Whole Foods tomorrow? We have the materials needed (we'll even have a great t-shirt you can wear) at the store.  You can talk to folks about how you got involved and why you're excited about CoolMom.  You can contact if you can make it.
2. Shop and spread the word for everyone you know to shop tomorrow at the Roosevelt Whole Foods Market (1026 NE 64th St, Seattle, WA 98115).
Thank you!!  Happy shopping.



CoolMom speaking at Whole Foods Monday 4/8

Join CoolMom and other groups at the Roosevelt Whole Foods Market Monday 4/8 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm for a discussion on our choices, our families, and sustainability.

Nash Murray and Greenwood CoolMom member, Jenny Rhodes will be speaking with other neighborhood groups about how families can impact climate change through our actions, consumer power, and community.

Learn more about what the neighborhood groups are doing, our Think Outside the Car program, Local Lunch Boxes, and what more we can do to reduce our footprint and impact our communities.

Celebrating Think Outside the Car

CoolMom and several local West Seattle schools celebrated our projects success!
Celebrating Think Outside the Car

No-Idling Please

On Tuesday, January 15th CoolMom and our Think Outside the Car Steering Committee celebrated our carbon saving Walking School Buses and No-Idle Campaign. Those in attendance were treated to our Think Outside the Car video and a thank you ceremony for our volunteers.

Our Think Outside the Car (TOC) team partnered with businesses, groups and individuals to spread awareness about car-idling and inspiring walking and biking to school.

Think Outside the Car gets Results

The project:

  • Started three walking school buses and there is more to come!
  • Paid for 6 bike racks at Lafayette and Gatewood Schools
  • Created a No-Idle campaign at Gatewood school, posting signs and reducing idling behavior by over 90%
  • Presented our project in 10 community events educating families about TOC, including a large community tabling event created by our TOC team partnering with five other environmentally conscientious organizations.
  • Engaged over 35 motorists lined up for the Fauntleroy Ferry -educating, inspiring and confirming that car idling creates 20 times more pollution than a car traveling 32 miles per hour!!!

Because this project can make such a big impact on carbon savings and engaging communities on the importance of clean air, CoolMom will continue this work.

CoolMom plans to help create additional Walking School Buses and to establish No-Idle Zones at schools and within the community by educating motorists and posting no-idle signs at local businesses.


A large thank you to the Department of Neighborhoods and especially Laurie Ames for helping us navigate through the grant process and supporting our efforts! We also owe a big thanks to our Walking School Bus Monitors, No-Idle champions and all the kids that participated in the project.

Special thanks to Terri, Laura, Barb, Fletcher, Peter, Gene and Christina -our TOC Steering Committee Team!

And thank you to Safeway for supporting our project through sponsorship and Organic Valley for donating items for our TOC Kick-Off event!

Department of Neighborhoods logo

Safeway Logo


Volunteer to Expand Think Outside the Car!

CoolMom will continue working on the project Think Outside the Car. We need volunteers to help create new Walking School Buses and furthering our No-Idle campaign. Contact Sonja Nash, CoolMom Program Director, at sonjanash at cool mom dot org.

January 15th Celebrate TOC

West Seattle CoolMom and the Think Outside the Car Steering Committee invite you to celebrate our project Think Outside the Car!
January 15th Celebrate TOC

Join a Walking School Bus!

Our Think Outside the Car project is winding down and we have lots to share! Come out to C&P Coffee on January 15 at 6:30 pm for some nibbles and toast to our successes.

West Seattle CoolMom is hosting the event at C&P Coffee, 5612 California Ave. SW, in West Seattle. We will be celebrating our accomplishments at our three schools, Arbor Heights, Gatewood and Lafayette Elementary and giving our volunteers a token of our appreciation. We also will be showing our nifty video we had made as part of the project.

Bring the family and grab a bite while we honor our volunteers. Children are welcome. Wine, beer, coffee and tea may be purchased at our lovely venue.

Please carpool, bike or walk to our event please.

RSVP to:
Terri Glaberson, Program Manager, 206-280-2828


When: January 15th, 6:30 to 8:00 pm
Where: C&P Coffee, 5612 California Ave. SW, Seattle WA 98136
What: Watch our Think Outside the Car Video, share hors d'oeuvres and beverages and help celebrate our volunteers.

Hope to see you there!

Fauntleroy Ferry- No-Idle Event, 11/17

Did you know that 10 seconds of idling uses more fuel than turning off the engine and restarting it? And, that an idling vehicle emits 20 times more pollution than one traveling 32 mph?
Fauntleroy Ferry- No-Idle Event, 11/17

Think Outside the Car

Learn more on Saturday, November 17th and help educate motorists lining up for the Fauntleroy Ferry.

You can help us educate those motorists waiting to board the Fauntleroy Ferry by handing out our No-Idling book mark while drivers wait for the ferry. You can sign up for a hour and a half shift here. Also, on Friday, November 16th from 3:30 to 4:30 pm volunteers will be canvassing the Fauntleroy Neighborhood with flyers about the event happening on Saturday. Contact, Terri or sign up here to help out.


  • 11:30 a.m. to noon, learn the facts and what to say to drivers (Pizza to be served to volunteers)
    • Volunteers will be given information to pass along to motorists and a simple script
    • Volunteers will administer a quick 3 to 5 question survey to motorists
    • Volunteers will be assigned a certain section of the sidewalk
    • Kids ages 6 and up are welcome
    • *Kids ages 6 to 10, must be accompanied by an adult/parent volunteer
    • There may be groups (2-5) of kids assigned to a volunteer
  • noon to 4:30 pm, educate drivers along Fauntleroy Way SW with your children**

Meet up in the parking lot at Lincoln Park, closest to the Fauntleroy Ferry Doc. A white canopy with the CoolMom sign will be visible near the park -parking lot.

*Parents will be responsible for their own children, unless specifically arranged through contacting Terri Glaberson, Program Manager for Think Outside the Car,

**Some children will be the prime communicator to the drivers, but will have an adult present at all times.

Please sign up for a shift.

Please consider walking to the event, biking, taking the bus or carpooling. There is a bus stop right at Fauntleroy Way SW and SW Cloverdale Street, across from Lincoln Park.

Questions? Please contact Terri at

Thank you!