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Oh no! BabiesRUs doesn't recycle

Then where should I recycle my car seat?
Oh no! BabiesRUs doesn't recycle

ToysRUs doesn't recycle us!

Many parents think that the take-it-back event that Babies R’Us offers each winter is a great way to recycle their used baby gear. But Babies R’Us doesn’t recycle, so all of those dumpsters of used items go to the landfill or incinerator.

We think that’s a terrible thing to do with used baby gear, so we encourage you to head to our sister website's “Where Do I Recycle My Seat” page to find a recycling option for your car seat. If you’re in the Seattle area, watch this space for an upcoming spring collection event.

While you’re at it, feel free to drop Babies R’Us a line to let them know that you would like to see them do the right thing with all of that gear they collect. We suspect that many parents would forgo the 25% coupon if it meant having the peace of mind that their car seats were not going to end up in the landfill or incinerator.

Help Us Make Polluters Pay Next Tuesday!

Join CoolMom on Tuesday, January 27 to rally for clean energy and securing a healthy future for our kids

You expect your kids to do their part and clean up their rooms, right? Shouldn’t we expect the same for big polluters--to clean up their mess in our communities? It’s time to enforce the laws we already have on our books by holding big fossil fuel polluters accountable. By making polluters pay, we can produce more clean energy, create more jobs in our communities and build a healthy future for our families.

Join CoolMom next Tuesday, along with Washington State’s coalition of community organizations, businesses, labor unions, and environmental organizations in one of the biggest hearings of the year. For this rally to be a success we need YOU to show up in support so that we can demonstrate that our entire community backs this effort. Please join us. Make it a family affair and bring your kids too!

Date/ Time: Tuesday, January 27, 2015 @ 11 a.m.

Location: The Washington Room (Pritchard Building in Olympia, Washington)

Tell us if you are going to attend by responding to

Read more on Climate Solutions Action Alert and to RSVP directly.

Welcome Cheri Cornell, CoolMom's New Executive Director

New CM Executive Director, Cheri Cornell, combines a nonprofit management and environmental law background to carry out CoolMom's mission

CoolMom is delighted to announce that after a thoughtful search we have selected Cheri Cornell as CoolMom’s executive director. Cheri stepped into her new role in November 2014 and has already created a new level of enthusiasm for CoolMom’s vision and mission--in and outside of our organization.

Cheri has worked as a legislative aide to Senator Daniel J. Evans, and has been steeped in political and public interest campaigns ever since. As a lawyer, she litigated large Superfund cases. Cheri has participated in all levels of non-profit work: employee, board member, board president and fundraising. As a mom, she strongly believes that introducing sustainability at home and in our communities is the surest way to make our kids into good environmental stewards.

"I’m an environmental lawyer, a progressive policy enthusiast, a fundraiser and a mom. It all comes together for me here at CoolMom. Other climate activists are uniformly thrilled that CoolMom can deliver moms’ and families’ voices in support of smart climate policy. My mom friends routinely say, 'it’s about time,' when I tell them of the everyday ways (car seat recycling, for example) in which CoolMom helps families practice sustainability at home. This universal excitement over CoolMom energizes me." -Cheri Cornell

Learn more about Cheri here.

Just in time for 2015 legislative session...

A New 2015 Resource for Environmental Advocates!

Just in time for 2015 legislative session, a new resource for environmental advocates is now available to help communicate effective, values-based messaging on climate change: Climate Solutions for a Stronger America:  A Guide to Engaging and Winning on Climate and Clean Energy, was developed by Breakthrough Strategies and Solutions, as a guide based in original in-depth national research and expert input. Enjoy and please pass it on to your environmental social circles working for change.


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