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Hot planet seeks CoolMoms!
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Welcome Cheri Cornell, CoolMom's New Executive Director

New CM Executive Director, Cheri Cornell, combines a nonprofit management and environmental law background to carry out CoolMom's mission

CoolMom is delighted to announce that after a thoughtful search we have selected Cheri Cornell as CoolMom’s executive director. Cheri stepped into her new role in November 2014 and has already created a new level of enthusiasm for CoolMom’s vision and mission--in and outside of our organization.

Cheri has worked as a legislative aide to Senator Daniel J. Evans, and has been steeped in political and public interest campaigns ever since. As a lawyer, she litigated large Superfund cases. Cheri has participated in all levels of non-profit work: employee, board member, board president and fundraising. As a mom, she strongly believes that introducing sustainability at home and in our communities is the surest way to make our kids into good environmental stewards.

"I’m an environmental lawyer, a progressive policy enthusiast, a fundraiser and a mom. It all comes together for me here at CoolMom. Other climate activists are uniformly thrilled that CoolMom can deliver moms’ and families’ voices in support of smart climate policy. My mom friends routinely say, 'it’s about time,' when I tell them of the everyday ways (car seat recycling, for example) in which CoolMom helps families practice sustainability at home. This universal excitement over CoolMom energizes me." -Cheri Cornell

Learn more about Cheri here.

Just in time for 2015 legislative session...

A New 2015 Resource for Environmental Advocates!

Just in time for 2015 legislative session, a new resource for environmental advocates is now available to help communicate effective, values-based messaging on climate change: Climate Solutions for a Stronger America:  A Guide to Engaging and Winning on Climate and Clean Energy, was developed by Breakthrough Strategies and Solutions, as a guide based in original in-depth national research and expert input. Enjoy and please pass it on to your environmental social circles working for change.


Give to CoolMom While You Holiday Shop!

Three easy steps to help CoolMom when you shop at Amazon

Helping CoolMom over the holidays is easy when you shop at Amazon:
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Help Expand Seattle's Bus Service

3 ways to help Prop 1 pass on November 4th.
  1. Vote YES for Seattle Transit, Prop 1, listed at the bottom of your ballot! Vote early to be certain your vote is counted, or at least vote by November 4th.
  2. POST and SHARE the Vote Yes image! Email, Tweet, FB your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers. Remind them to return their ballots early and vote YES on Transportation Prop. 1. Use the resources above. As of last Tuesday, only 10% registered Seattle voters had returned their ballots.
  3. Volunteer to Phone Bank! Contact if you'd like to help phone bank for the initiative.
    • Sun, Nov 2nd: Brunch Bank!!! 11 to 2pm (TCC)
    • Mon, Nov 3rd: All DAY phone bank 11 to 5pm, 5:30 to 8pm(TCC)
    • Tues, Nov 4th: All DAY phone bank, 11 to 4pm  (TCC)
    • ** Election Night! They will be celebrating all of your hard work and watching the returns together at the Comet on Capitol Hill. The Comet is at 922 E Pike St and we will begin gathering around 7pm.

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