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Hot planet seeks CoolMoms!
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Thank You for Being a Champion for CoolMom!

Your May 5 giveBIG donations will help CoolMom build a women's climate action movement in Washington.

To all CoolSupporters, thanks so much for being a champion for climate action!

Among the many asks you received last week during Seattle Foundation's giveBIG campaign, you chose to donate to CoolMom. We want to thank each of you for this gracious gift. Your support helped us to quadruple our total donations over last year's campaign.

Thanks to your generosity, CoolMom will bring our simple carbon-reduction strategies to new moms and families across Washington and unleash a women-led climate movement throughout the state. Global warming is threatening our health, our economy and our natural resources, now. We will demand that our state force big polluters to reduce carbon emissions immediately.

Recycle your Ecycle and Baby Seats on Earth Day

Here's how to make recycling your electronics and baby car seats an #EarthDayThing!

Join CoolMom and our partners Total Reclaim and Zero Waste Washington for our spring Booster & Car Seat Reuse and Recycling Event. We will be outside of the KIRO 7 news offices ALL DAY on Earth Day – Wednesday, April 22nd – collecting usable seats for donation to families in need, nonusable seats for recycling, and electronics/anything with a cord or battery for recycling. We hope to see you there!

Pass this on... collect items from your neighbors, family and friends and bring the gear in for everyone!

More information at

Dear Planet, I heart you!

CoolMom shows our love for the planet

For Valentine’s Day and the Lunar New Year, CoolMom is showing our love for the planet by providing two local schools with 100% compostable tableware (plates, cups, utensils) for events reaching over 800 people!

In June 2014, CoolMom launched our Zero Waste Events Program by partnering with Cedar Grove and WNA in a pilot end-of-school year zero waste events program. CoolMom leaders organized four low waste events combining zero waste concepts with Zilchables products and promotional materials. Now that Zilchables product line is becoming more readily available to consumers, CoolMom is excited to re-ignite our partnership with WNA, in alignment with our waste minimization mission, while also supporting local employer Cedar Grove.

Over the coming months, look for CoolMom to continue promoting waste minimization at events in our community by reducing, reusing and recycling. CoolMom's Zero Waste Events Program uses three basic concepts to guide event success:

  1. Get others involved and communicate your plans and goals with them.

  2. Plan ahead to consider where waste will be generated--assign someone to help encourage proper waste disposal.

  3. Use recyclable and compostable alternatives (such as Zilchables) where ever possible.

Let us know if YOU have an event coming up that you'd like CoolMom to highlight (on our website, blog,  newsletter or through social media) for its waste minimization efforts. We would love to shine a light on all the great work happening in our community to create a healthy planet for kids and families!

Oh no! BabiesRUs doesn't recycle

Then where should I recycle my car seat?
Oh no! BabiesRUs doesn't recycle

ToysRUs doesn't recycle us!

Many parents think that the take-it-back event that Babies R’Us offers each winter is a great way to recycle their used baby gear. But Babies R’Us doesn’t recycle, so all of those dumpsters of used items go to the landfill or incinerator.

We think that’s a terrible thing to do with used baby gear, so we encourage you to head to our sister website's “Where Do I Recycle My Seat” page to find a recycling option for your car seat. If you’re in the Seattle area, watch this space for an upcoming spring collection event.

While you’re at it, feel free to drop Babies R’Us a line to let them know that you would like to see them do the right thing with all of that gear they collect. We suspect that many parents would forgo the 25% coupon if it meant having the peace of mind that their car seats were not going to end up in the landfill or incinerator.

Help Us Make Polluters Pay Next Tuesday!

Join CoolMom on Tuesday, January 27 to rally for clean energy and securing a healthy future for our kids

You expect your kids to do their part and clean up their rooms, right? Shouldn’t we expect the same for big polluters--to clean up their mess in our communities? It’s time to enforce the laws we already have on our books by holding big fossil fuel polluters accountable. By making polluters pay, we can produce more clean energy, create more jobs in our communities and build a healthy future for our families.

Join CoolMom next Tuesday, along with Washington State’s coalition of community organizations, businesses, labor unions, and environmental organizations in one of the biggest hearings of the year. For this rally to be a success we need YOU to show up in support so that we can demonstrate that our entire community backs this effort. Please join us. Make it a family affair and bring your kids too!

Date/ Time: Tuesday, January 27, 2015 @ 11 a.m.

Location: The Washington Room (Pritchard Building in Olympia, Washington)

Tell us if you are going to attend by responding to

Read more on Climate Solutions Action Alert and to RSVP directly.